MEVC offers a full range of reproductive services for both mares and stallions. We perform ambulatory services on your farm or horses can be brought to the Millbrook Equine Reproductive Lab at Keane Stud in Amenia, NY for breeding management. We are experienced in all types of breeding from fresh semen to chilled or frozen semen.

Our stallion services include breeding soundness exams, training of young stallions, semen collection, evaluation and shipments. Stallions can be brought to our breeding facility at Keane Stud. This facility includes a safe, enclosed breeding shed, breeding phantom for stallion collection and reproductive laboratory for semen processing. Mare services include breeding soundness exams, estrus cycle management for live cover, chilled semen and/or frozen semen and pregnancy management. Embryo transfer services are available. Embryos can be harvested from your mare and shipped to a recipient mare or transferred to your own recipient mare.

Specialized reproductive services include twin management as well as infertility workups and treatments for both mares and stallions.