We provide thorough, in-depth evaluations of horses considered for purchase. Our pre-purchase exams may incorporate any of the following diagnostic tools:

Each pre-purchase exam is tailored to the buyer's needs and the intended use of the horse.

If you are considering the purchase of a horse and you are not already an established client, it is very simple to become a client. (click here)

A note about pre-purchase exams:

The veterinarian's job is neither to pass nor fail an animal. Rather, it is to provide you with important information regarding any existing medical problems and to discuss those problems with you so that you can make an informed pre-purchase decision. As experienced veterinarians, we can advise you about the horse's current physical condition and be a valuable partner in the process of providing you with objective, health-related information; of course we cannot predict the future! (Attributing the AAEP and Bayer Animal Health)