Millbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic has several ultrasound units used for a variety of diagnostic purposes. Reproductive ultrasound is used to monitor estrus cycles, uterine and ovarian health, and early embryonic development.

Digital ultrasound is routinely used in a lameness work-up to diagnose a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, guide therapeutic injections, and evaluate blood flow using Doppler.

Ultrasound can also be used to image specific structures in the chest and abdomen. Valuable information can be obtained in cases of pneumonia, colic, and late term pregnancy.

Digital Radiography
Millbrook Equine Veterinary Clinic has multiple digital radiography units that can be used on the farm to obtain high quality radiographs (x-rays) of our patients. These units enable us to capture images using a specially designed plate which transfers the image to a computer for immediate evaluation. Digital radiography is more efficient and allows our clients to view the radiographs at the time they are taken. It also allows rapid transfer of digital images to other professionals.